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Dogs Deserve Better provides this link to other chained dog sites, or even chained dog articles, so that we can all learn as much as possible and help each other as much as possible.

Please e-mail us if you'd like your site added. Dogs Deserve Better will be doing a basic check of your site to make sure it is legitimate, and then we will post your link.

*Disclaimer: Posting of site does not necessarily mean endorsement of the site.

Chained Dog Sites

The Backyard Dog Project
The Backyard Dog Project is an all-volunteer group that helps owners improve the quality of life for their outdoor dogs. We focus on neighborhoods where people are often unable to provide basic supplies and veterinary care for their dogs. We strive to help families who are willing to work alongside us to become responsible pet owners. In addition to donated supplies, education in basic pet care and access to affordable vet care we offer guidance in finding alternatives to continuous chaining/penning as a method of pet containment.

A wonderful site advocating on behalf of chained dogs, my hat's off to you, Emily!

We are an all-volunteer group that focuses on helping dog owners to improve the quality of life for their outside dogs. Our specific mission is to help owners find alternatives to continuous chaining as a method of dog containment. We offer guidance and temporary assistance to owners who are willing to work alongside us to improve their dogs’ quality of life.

The Iditarod is described by the Iditarod Trail Committee and by the Alaskan media as an exciting contest of man against nature. What the descriptions do not tell us is the untold suffering of the dogs that often give their lives in this race. Dog deaths and injuries are common in the Iditarod, and when they are not racing, the dogs live under inhumane conditions.

Greater Nashville Animal Welfare site.
Newly formed by Natalie Newman and Cindy Tomlinson to work on the chained dog issue in Nashville, Tennesee. Beautiful site!

Free The Dogs is one person, D. D. Ritz in Littlerock, CA.
From the site: "For 14 years my job working as a process server has landed me in places I would never have thought to seek out on my own. And so, purely by chance I've happened on literally hundreds of dogs who quietly suffer because no one knows they're chained up in backyards. No one knows they're sitting in the mud or on frozen concrete with no water, no shelter, no attention at all."

The on-line headquarters of Chain Free Austin! We are a coalition of concerned citizens and organizations working to help stop the dangerous and cruel practice of chaining and tethering dogs as a means of stationary confinement

Sled Dog Watch Coalition focusing raising awareness regarding the plight of sled dogs.

pet pals inc. page for chained dogs
Not for weak stomachs. Reminds us what we are up against, and why we must save the dogs.

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