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Dogs Deserve Better gets many heartbreaking e-mails and phone calls about chained and penned dogs, and a neighbor/or concerned citizen would like to know what can be done.

Unfortunately, in most areas there are still no laws against chaining. Most Animal Control Officers and Humane Officers will agree chained and penned dog calls are the #1 cruelty complaint call they get. So why no laws? The Helping Animals website has a listing of every community that has laws at this time. Even though we know it's neglect, abuse, and inhumane treatment, the laws in most areas have yet to catch up with our thinking.

We all need to pitch in to help get laws passed! How do we do that? Dogs Deserve Better has set up a page with instructions and materials to include. Please send this letter to your local and state representatives and senators. There is also a letter to the editor in .doc format.

Letter for Legislation in .pdf format

Letter for Legislation in .doc format

Letter to the Editor in .doc format

Letter to the Editor in .pdf format

Below are a couple of sites where you can find out the name and address of your state and local reps. Also, Congress.org allows you to send e-mails to them too.

House of Representatives

Hard copy letters are taken more seriously by lawmakers, so send e-mails, but send snail mail too!

Yes, we absolutely need to work on getting laws passed. But until that happens, we have to do our best to help each chained dog we see. How can we help them? Take a stand whenever possible. The first step is to send a .pdf letter and pdf. flyer anonymously. Thanks to the wonderful volunteer efforts of Jill Natowitz we have the flyer and letter in Spanish too! If you don't want to send the letter from your area, please e-mail Tammy and we will get a letter out in the mail to them.

DDB Flyer in English
DDB Flyer in Spanish

Handout Letter in English
Handout letter in Spanish

Handout Letter for Penned Dogs

Brochure in .pdf format

I really hope and pray the letter works and is enough to get the caretakers to step up and take the responsibility for their companion. If not and you want to try to get that dog out of there, see our growing list of area reps to find out if there is anyone in your area who can help you. Go to the how to rescue page and work on getting the dog off chains or out of the pen and into the family. Or join our yahoo discussion group and we will all put our heads together to help you figure out some more steps you can take to end dog chaining in your area.

You can help Dogs Deserve Better anytime you shop online through iGive.com.

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